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Richard Fields is an independent Filmmaker and Photographer based in Washington, D.C, where he earned his MFA in Film & Electronic Media from American University.  Influenced by his mix of military and Caribbean American upbringing along with his love of travel, he uses his talents in visual storytelling to share his stories across a global platform. His experience includes short and feature-length films, commercials, music videos and non-profit organizational work.

His passion for storytelling and specialization in Writing, Directing, and Cinematography have led him to a successful filmmaking career.  He has worked on films and photography projects both domestically and internationally, including his most recent works in the Czech Republic, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.  He worked with District 7 Media to create beautiful motion-timelapses and with USA Today to create and host his own weekly web series. His films have screened at numerous festivals, including the acclaimed DC Shorts Film Festival, and he won the award for Best Documentary Film at the Washington PA Film Festival in 2014. His most recent achievement is his nomination as a Top 3 Finalist in the McDonald’s Lovin Video Competition as part of the American Black Film Festival for his short film Puppy Love.   Feel free to stay connected with Richard through his blog and his social media handles listed below.



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Whether it be a song, photo, or in this case a pair of shoes, we all have that special something that triggers a memory within us.  Once that moment passes, it lives there in time forever as something we will never be able to duplicate.  The feeling that is brought to us from those memories, both the good and the bad, was the motivation for this short film.

Although I am not close in age to the film’s main character, there is a common ideal that lies within everyone.  I wanted to experiment with a coming of age story in the position of the elderly, driven by the emotions brought from triggered memories and the need for love and fulfillment.  The goal was to put the audience into the mind of our main character, and the abstract sound design helped with that a lot.  My close relationship with my grandmother is what enabled me to bridge the age gap to the best of my abilities, and I am extremely proud of the final film.

Having become suddenly cognizant of her age, a former flamenco dancer tries to relive her past.

USA Today

Love & Variance

Love may be one of the only things that bring both blissful happiness and dreadful sorrow.  Often times the very things that draw us to a person are the same things that eventually push us away.  These are the things I explore in this film.  Using the same simple set of words throughout the story, I explore how the cycle of love can change the meaning of those words for better or worse.  I find that ultimately, the state of our love for our partner does not begin with them, but with the love and understanding that we have within ourselves.

A man forced to continuously relive the same monotonous evening with his wife must stop at nothing to break the cycle, or risk losing his love forever.

District 7 Media

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