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Weekend at the Rosebud Film and Video Festival

Many filmmakers dream of having their films shown on the big screen, and film festivals are a great way to do just that. While Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, and the other big name festivals are on everyone’s wish list, let’s not forget about the festivals that are right in our backyards.

Coming from just outside of Washington, D.C., I always submit my films to the festivals in the surrounding area in addition to the bigger names.  Local film festivals not only love to support filmmakers that are from or live in the area, but also love to screen films that were created in and showcase the surrounding city.

Just this weekend my short film, Love and Variance, screened as part of the Rosebud Film & Video Festival in Arlington, VA.  Many filmmakers, including myself, were able to sit back and relax with our family, friends, and fellow film enthusiasts and enjoy a day at the movies.


It is one thing to be able to sit in the same room with the individuals who made the films, and it is another to befriend them. Opened exclusively to artists in DC, Maryland, and Virginia, the Rosebud Film and Video Festival offered ample opportunity to network with fellow filmmakers and media creators in the area.

The awards ceremony was well catered with food and beverages, and its always fun having my photo taken on the red carpet. It even had the famous “Rosebud” sled from the classic film Citizen Kane.  But nothing beats the enthusiastic responses I received from fellow filmmakers and movie goers who enjoyed watching my film.

All this to say that film festivals are a great experience at all levels. If you are a student or a professional filmmaker looking to have your work seen on the big screen, make sure you also remember the local festivals in your town.  I know first-hand that they would love to support you.