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No Better Way for an MFA

05.09.2015 is and will be one of the most memorable dates of my adult life.  Not only did I graduate with my MFA, but I also had the opportunity to deliver the graduate commencement address to the class of 2015.  There is no better way that this chapter of my life could have been completed. And while the feeling is still surreal, the words and emotion ring true as a testament to the growth I’ve undergone throughout these past few years.

I was approached by a few people, young, old, parents, and students, after the ceremony and they spoke to me about how much these words meant to them as well.  These responses are just a small part of the many motivating forces behind my work.

Now I’m not one to support self-contradiction, and I’m posting this here and sharing it with you all as a reminder that I’ve set some standards for myself to live up to. I hope you enjoy watching this speech as much as I enjoyed giving it. And by all means, please don’t hesitate to share this with your friends.